Niall Imagine ♥ for Sam.

You and Niall was sitting a friday night in your shared apartment, watching Harry Potter in the bed. You were cuddling, you laid between his legs, your head rested on his shoulder, and his arms were around your waist, holding yours. You had laid like this for the last hour, and you couldn’t find a better position. You were in the middle of The Prisoner of Azkaban, and after about an hour later, it was finished. You tried to get up, but Niall kept you back. ‘Don’t leave princess, i like this’ He said in calm voice, pulling you back. ‘I need to chance the DVD, it’s done’ You said with a giggle, trying to get up again, but he pulled you back once more, giving you a kiss on your forehead. ‘Can’t we do anything else then? Truth or dare maybe?’ He asked, as he laid his head against yours. ‘Okay, who’s gonna start?’ You asked him, secretly smiling of how much he loved you. ‘Truth or dare princess?’ He asked you. ‘I’ll pick truth’ You said. ‘Why do you love me Sam?’ He asked you. ‘Nialler, i love you because you are Niall. You are always hungry, and i find that absolutely adorable. The way you laugh makes me giggle more than anything else. The way you look at me, makes me believe that we’ll be forever for the rest of our life. I love you because you are so protective around me, and i always feel safe when i’m near you. That’s why i love you’ You finished. ‘You are so fantastic, i don’t get why all the other boys in the world don’t want you. But if they did, i wouldn’t share you. I won’t ever share you with anybody. The only one i’ll love as much as i love you, is our baby when we get one. I love you’ He said, kissing your forehead once again. ‘It’s your turn! Truth or dare?’ You asked him.’Truth’ He said, you could hear he was smiling. Your hands was still in each others.’For how long have we been together?’ You asked him, wondering if he knew.’We have been together for 3 years and 4 months tomorrow’ He said proud.’Wow, you are good Horan’ You said, smiling.’You’re not that bad yourself, Sam’ He laughed.’Truth or dare?’ He asked you once again.’I’ll pick dare’ You said.’Go down and make me some nachos’ He said trying to act serious, but he struggled holding back a laugh.’Go down and make it yourself, lazy!’ You said, hitting him gently on his thigh, making him laugh.’I have a better idea..’ He said, getting up. You stood up too. He took his arms around your waist, standing close to you, whispering in your ear: ‘Why aren’t we just going to Nando’s?’ He whispered, making you laugh. ‘What should i have expected?’ You said with a sigh, as you started to walk out the door, followed by Niall. ‘I love you, princess Sam’ He smiled, looking forward to Nando’s

Hope you like it!? xxx.